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The Reality Check Mastermind

Have you heard of a Mastermind before and wondered, what the heck is that? Well, here's a little taste: A Mastermind group offers a combination of masterminding (coach led direction), peer brainstorming, accountability and support in a group setting to create the success you want. Masterminds are best for business owners, entrepreneurs, or aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for a extra accountability and ways to bounce ideas off other like-minded individuals.


Masterminds are a way to get your big ideas out there in a safe group environment so that you can hear peer critiques and make sure that your ideas make sense, and are being received in the manner you hope that they are. If they aren't, we help you work through it, and if they are, we help you find ways to maximize that success. Masterminds also allow for you to share your vulnerabilities and help overcome fears to make your goals a reality. 

The Reality Check Mastermind is for women who are willing to make time for themselves, show up to our sessions with minimal distraction and interruption, will own up to the bullsh*t that they've allowed to get in the way for too long, are willing to do the work to succeed, and wants to do that in a safe and collaborative environment with other like-minded ladies.

Please note: coaching with me is NOT for someone who allows their limiting beliefs to dictate how they live their life, someone who lets fear win over dreaming big, who is fine with things just the way they are, who just wants a cheerleader but doesn't want to actually put in the work to succeed, someone who makes excuses, & someone who is not okay with getting outside of her comfort zone. 

What’s included?

- No more than 5 participants (Keeping things intimate is when you get the most benefit)

- Welcome Workbook to help you gain clarity on exactly what you’re planning to work towards and best practices on how to make the most of our time together 

- (5) bi-weekly 90 minute live coaching calls with me and your other group members (Skype or Google Hangout)

- Private Facebook group for Mastermind participants with countless posts and accountability

- Bi-weekly surveys to make sure you’re on track to succeed and actually taking action towards your goals

- Unlimited access to me by text, email, fb messages (within reason, mama's got to sleep!)

- Book and Resource recommendations specifically tailored to you

- A group of like-minded ladies to help keep you accountable

- Mastering letting yourself shine from the inside out in your life and business

- And so much more!

How much and when do we start?


(can be paid in payments)

Mid April, official date TBD 

What's next?
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