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Book Review- More Than Just Pretty

If you have been following me for a while you know how important my mission is to help empower women from the inside out. I had a long and hard journey of self love and one I am still working on but, to put it plainly, my view of myself in my youth was ROUGH.

I was convinced that I was the worst, unworthy, overweight (when I wasn't but, that's a whole other story), and pretty much every single thing that a mean girl could say to you, I said those things to myself on a daily basis. You can imagine how broken and sad my insides were when I had my first awakening around my 26th year of life. It wasn't a pretty place to be.

When Jessie reached out to me on Instagram and asked if she could send me a book because she thought the message would resonate with me and all of you, I jumped at the opportunity. A book about loving yourself (specifically geared towards teens), yes please!

Jessie is a youth minister and founder of a project called 'Belle' which is passionate about girls realizing their true value, beauty and purpose through workshops in schools and youth groups. I was actually thinking about this last night as I knew I would be writing this post this morning... I wonder had I had a book like this in my youth if I would have listened to its message and absorbed what Jessie is saying. But life can't be filled with what ifs, so I digress.

Jessie sets the scene by showing that she is a regular girl just like everyone else, she just so happens to have written a book. I appreciated this intro portion because I think, especially when you are at a such an impressionable age of your teenage years it is easy to put someone like Jessie on a pedestal. This little tidbit humanizes her right out of the gate and I loved it.

Jessie then speaks on value and what that means. Are you what you achieve? Are you what you look like? What story am I telling myself? Next she discusses beauty. She touches on societies idea of beauty, and how girls are programed from a young age to want to be beautiful between dolls, princesses, models, and now Instagram. Can you imagine being a teen these days and having to deal with the social pressure of social media at that age? Well Jessie touches on that and all things digital and social media related. She doesn't hold back discussing filters on filters on filters, the false sense of perfection that comes with being on social media, and pretty much everything in between. She also goes into detail about a challenge she had made for herself to give up wearing makeup for lent and what that journey was like for her. I enjoyed reading her raw and real emotions she went through with that.

The last portion of Jessie's book discusses purpose. Topics include what happiness is, worry and doubt, fear, anxiety and how all of those things don't define who you are but that actions and choices are what it's all about.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this quick read of Jessie's book and my summarized review reads something like this:

"More Than Just Pretty is the Christian faith based BFF you didn't know you needed. Jessie's words are refreshing and eye opening at any age but, for teenage girls, this is a must read! Understanding that you are worth so much more than just being "pretty" is key in growing up to be a strong and empowered woman and Jessie is doing just that with this book and her project, Belle."

One last note, you guys know I am big words of affirmation person and I love quotes. More Than Just Pretty is filled with beautiful quotes throughout it and it was one of my favorite parts of reading through.

A special thank you to Jessie Faerber and Juliet from @spck-publishing for sending me this book to enjoy and share with you all. You can click here to buy your very own copy of More Than Just Pretty. Its official release is 9/4 but you can preorder it today!

Love, light + lipstick,