• Jessie

Hypnobirthing: My firsthand experience

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I struggled with how I saw myself for a very long time. It took years of retraining my brain to learn to love myself and who I am as a person. Being pregnant I wanted to make sure to speak only loving words to myself, and one of my highest priorities was to send all the positive and joyous energy to the baby that I possibly could. It’s not the babies fault that I used to hate myself, and I needed her to know from minute one just how special she is.

As I got further along in my pregnancy I started to do some research on birthing methods and birthing classes. The Women’s Clinic (where I saw my ob doctor) offered classes and while I did take a few through the clinic I knew I wanted to find some sort of birthing class to help me feel more confident going into delivery since I’ve never done this before.

One of my dear friends had a little girl last September and had given me a bunch of maternity clothes, as well as a book on the birthing method she used, hypnobirthing. I read a little about it and became very intrigued. Not even two weeks later, Katy of @peacefulmamabirthing started following me on social media (the power of social media can be such a blessing, friends) and I saw that she was a doula and hypnobirthing instructor. I, of course, stalked her feed to find more info, visited her website, and then she reached out to me on an Instagram DM. After talking with her directly and reading more on hypnobirthing I decided I definitely wanted to do classes.

I signed up for her next open session, which was 5 weeks of classes, one day per week for 2 hours. Your partner is encouraged to attend but it’s not mandatory. Ricky actually missed the first class (which of course he felt terrible about but #work) but was able to make it to the rest of the classes no problem.

So what is hypnobirthing? Hypnobirthing is a birthing method to bring your baby into a joyous and peaceful environment. It’s a combination of affirmations, self-hypnosis, and specific breathing techniques to help you have an empowered birthing experience no matter how you plan to give birth.

Each week we learned countless new things, we watched videos of actual women using the hypnobirthing method to deliver, had at least one hypnosis per session, were given numerous resources for pretty much anything we asked a question about, and then also had homework in between. One of my favorite homework assignments we had was Katy asked us to right down our top five fears about birth/parenting. As a person deep into personal development and constant reflection, I found it so helpful, and the best part? When Ricky and I compared our lists, four of our five fears were the same thing. It felt really good to know we were on the same page, especially with something as life changing as having a baby.

If you know me, you know how big I am on affirmations. In fact, my primary love language is “words of affirmation,” so this birthing method could not have been more perfect for me and for Ricky. I listened to the affirmations and birthing meditation almost every single night. It helped me get to sleep and also prepare my mind that I was capable of having the birth experience that I wanted.

{Stay tuned for my birth story coming out on the blog later this weekend/early next week!}

I also totally connected with Katy and after finishing up the hypnobirthing classes we decided we wanted her to be our doula. Originally I didn’t feel the need for a doula but after going through classes & connecting with Katy and seeing how passionate and knowledgeable she is, it felt like a no brainer. It was Ricky who asked me if we could hire Katy and said he thought it was a good thing to have another advocate besides the two of us on our birthing team that wasn’t necessarily “medical.”

After officially hiring Katy as our doula I met with her solo to go over our birth plan. She helped me to shape what we wanted, especially with being medically induced. It was so helpful and encouraging to have a professional who lives and breathes birth experiences, and helping moms and their partners to feel confident and empowered in the process.

Then came day of induction and Katy was there. She got to meet the night nursing staff and helped to see what was going on for the first part of induction. We then told her to go home and get some rest and Ricky would call her if anything drastic happened in the middle of the night.

After they started the induction process Ricky made sure to immediately make the room an environment that was exactly as we had discussed, a hypnobirthing method room. We dimmed all the lights, he put on the essential oil diffuser (which he kept going the entire time I was laboring) and he started the birthing affirmations for me to listen to. And honestly throughout the entire night, the natural encouragement of Ricky (he’s always been the best encourager and teammate, and the additional skills he had learned from class), the hypnobirthing affirmations, and the mediations are what got me through all of the painful contractions.

We also had the benefit of having Katy there during my birth. She came in the morning right after the doctor took the balloons out and was there until about two hours after Lincoln was earth-side. She helped remind me to send positive energy to Lincoln as she was coming down the birth canal and also the breathing techniques I had learned in class (which when you’re in active labor, some things are much harder than others). Katy also took photos of the whole thing and I’m so thankful to have photos of such a life changing experience, vag shots and all.

Overall, I’m so thankful for finding the hypnobirthing method and Katy and will definitely use it again when we choose to have a sibling for Lincoln. A very special thank you to Katy and all the amazing support and resources she provides for her clients. You’re one special lady and I’m so blessed to have crossed paths with you!

Love, light & peaceful motherhood,


P.S. if you have any questions and want to know more feel free to reach out to me! Also don’t forget to follow Katy on social media and check out her website.