• Jessie

Jord Watch Giveaway

Hey friends! If you have been following me for a while you know that every I love to do brand collaborations. I believe collaboration is such an important element of business and I get so excited when I find brands that align with my mission and we find something we can do together. This past month I paired up with Jord Watches to give one lucky follower $100 gift card toward their very own Jord watch. I use mine almost every day and I love how professional, and stylish my watch looks when I am out and about. It's also nice to have something to rely on besides my phone for a watch.

I think we so often forget how easy it is consistently check our phones and get distracted but, since I have had my watch it has been a nice way to not be looking at a screen and still figure out what time it is.

The link to enter is right here, there is still a few days left to enter! Giveaway ends on 4/8. Good luck!