• Jessie

Local Love: Waxing the City

Hey friends! If you're been here a while you know how much I love supporting local business. Doesn't matter what it is but if it a small or local business, I'm usually about it. I would 100% rather support a small business than a big box store and it will always be that way. Every year I do a Small Business Saturday round-up so make sure to watch for that come November.

Recently I was invited to Waxing the City to try out our their services. Waxing the City is a full service wax studio that prides itself on body positivity and inclusivity. Instead of using airbrushed photos of perfect looking models, they use real people in their marketing. They also make you feel comfortable by sharing about how body hair is totally normal. I also loved that they have a line specifically made for post Brazilian wax care that is called "I love my muff," which made me laugh and made me feel at ease that I was going in for my first ever Brazilian wax. Eek!

Backstory time: as someone who has waxed my brows since I was 10 (yes, 10 years old- I had a unibrow, it was super cute) I was excited to try out this waxing studio that was less than 10 minutes from my house. If you know me well, you likely have heard me complain about how hairy I am. I have told my husband for years we would save tons of money on the water bill if I got laser hair removal because of how long my showers are take due to shaving but alas, I have yet to convince him so I will continue to take the longest showers ever.

When I was reading up on the different services that Waxing the City offers and read that your hair should be at least 1/4"- 1/2" long, I panicked. There is no way I could last that long not shaving any part of my body except well, you know where I'm going with this, my lady parts, so that's what I opted for. A bit nervous about my first Brazilian, I booked my appointment telling myself trying new things is what it's all about!

I arrived 5 minutes before my appointment as they suggested and was greeted by the friendly front desk staff. I filled out a form since I was new customer, which was super quick and easy. My cerologist, Cherise took me to my individual room and gave me a little bit of waxing education before we got started. Since it was my first time getting a Brazilian I was a little nervous but she was excited and said it could be life changing. Let me just tell you, she was right!

Cherise was so nice and made me feel comfortable the entire time. I was also pleased that I did not hurt too bad. Waxing can sometimes be uncomfortable but, the actual process is quick and any pain you may feel doesn't last long. I was delighted to hear that the recommended time to come back in for another Brazilian wax is 4-6 weeks depending on your personal growth cycle. If I can save that much time every 4-6 weeks it is well worth the $$$ to get waxed!

I left with purchasing a body scrub that's made in house that is a mint scent and is super invigorating. I've been loving using the scrub everywhere (since I shave everywhere else) a couple of times a week when I need to exfoliate. It may sound silly but I swear to you, my Brazilian wax has made me feel empowered, more confident and dare I say, sexy? I already have my next appointment booked and can't wait for my next one!

If you guys are interested in trying out services from Waxing the City they offer 50% off your first wax. I highly recommend giving them a try ASAP! They also have a point system where you can earn points/rewards for referrals so if you decide to go and book online please use my referral link here.

Thank you to Amy, Cherise, and the Waxing the City staff for making me feel welcome and inviting me in. I can't wait to make waxing part of my regular self-care routine.