• Jessie

Thanks, Colorado!

It's been two years since we've been in Colorado. What once seemed like a great adventure is now a reality of a life that we are actually living. We are creating roots to establish and ground our lives here. Ricky has found a great job using a combination of his previous background and a stepping stone to who knows what after he's done with his Masters. I've built my business here and I have to say, I have actually built a business here. We hope to have children here one day. I can't wait to show my future children how magical all four seasons are. And now that my parents have come to visit, it definitely wouldn't hurt if they wanted to move here *cough cough* Mom and Dad.

It's crazy to think about how fresh and new everything felt two years ago. I've had a side hustle for as long as I can remember but, moving to Colorado is the first time that I made my side hustle into an actual hustle. So much so that I am now part-time at my day job because my own business has picked up so much. Of course I am still in the building phases of my business now but, I have to say- I am really damn proud of where we are.

I've immersed myself in this community. I have met so many different people who do different things here in town and all over the state of Colorado. It's so cool to see how many people out there are just like me, and have the entrepreneurial spirit that I have always felt crazy for having. It's amazing what growth and perspective can give you as a human. I can't imagine being someone who is ok with living a mediocre life. I will always be working and grinding to be better because if you aren't growing, what are you even doing?

To the state I now call home, thank you for showing me that nature isn't scary and I am capable of more than I ever imagined- hiking, biking and backpacking too! Thank you for helping me to find beer I actually like to drink. Thank you for putting my best friend five minutes away from me because without her, I would not have survived. Thank you for giving me a tribe of women who are not only badass but believe in supporting other women. Thank you for providing the most majestic backdrops I have ever seen with my own two eyes, you really are a stunner. But most of all, thank you for showing me a life I never knew was even possible.

Love, light & lipstick,


Photos: Coldiron Photography

Outfit Details: Hat- Amuse Society, Romper- ThredUp, Necklace & Bracelets- Kansas City Kitty,