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Woman Worth Knowing- Sara Leger of Leger Experiences

If you have met Sara you know how unforgettable being in her presence is. She lights up a room with her energy, enthusiasm, and not to mention she may be one of the most organized people I know. She's the epitome of a boss and anytime you talk to her she has about 3678558 things in the works and somehow manages to do all the things with such grace and humility. Her events are experiences and you leave feeling refreshed and excited to have a new of understanding of the human experience.

She was a no brainer for the Women Worth Knowing series here on my blog and I hope as you read through this interview you can catch a glimpse as to why.

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do.

- I am an experience curator, and founded Leger Experiences after the premise of  collecting experiences instead of things. In moments and memories instead of material items. I love bringing women together in creative ways for authentic connections, inspiration, and empowerment. 

What is the biggest thing that fills your cup creatively?

- Connections. I'm obsessed with personal and professional transformation and what happens when you put like-minded people together in a fun and creative way. I love coming up with new and innovative ideas and helping others brainstorm as well. To show someone all they are capable of!

What's your favorite way/tool to stay organized? 

- I have a love affair with excel - it's probably a problem :) I also use my calendar instead of a to-do list to keep track of tasks. 

What drives your passion for what you do?

- I believe it is my purpose to shine my light and bright energy onto others to help enliven the spirit and purpose in them. When I see an aha moment, a tear, a lightbulb, a hug, I know it was worth it. 

It is so evident that you love building community. How did you come to realize that and why do you feel like building community is essential for success?

- We are not meant to live in a bubble. Now more than ever folks crave authentic meaningful connections and a community that makes them feel like they are part of something greater than themselves. Sometimes I walk into a room and I feel out of place, like they aren't my people. But no one can deny the feeling when they walk into a room and it immediately feels like home. Like they belong. They matter. They are seen and heard. THAT's community. That's connection. And that's what I strive to create down to the littlest details with my experiences. 

What would you say to an aspiring entrepreneur? Any words of wisdom you think everyone should know?

- Just start somewhere. Progress over perfection. You are smarter and braver than you think. Anything can be googled. Trust in yourself. Don't quit. Have a tribe to inspire you. 

In a world where women are expected to wear all the hats (especially as an entrepreneur) it's hard to find ways to balance all the hats you have to wear. I've personally had a great conversation with you about how balance doesn't really exist. Can you elaborate on that? I found it so refreshing. 

- Balance is not possible - and I'm fine to admit it. I don't think women "can have it all", either. That's not even something I would want. Personally, I think it's crazy that we are expected to look perfect, bake gluten free vegan cupcakes, be on the PTA, have amazing sex, run three businesses and side hustles, in five inch heels and lipstick. A proper morning/evening beauty routine they try to get you to do is already too much for me! Oy.  It's just. Not. Possible. That just sounds exhausting listening to it! Life will always have some things that require more of your time and attention, and that's okay. I think the better thing to strive for is not balance, but grace, acceptance, and great ways to take a few moments to breath and adjust. Don't spread yourself too thin. Cut yourself some slack. Let it be okay to buy cupcakes from King Soopers, to have not showered that day, and to fake an orgasm (okay- just kidding..!). One step at a time, fearless ladies! :)

What is the biggest project you are currently working on?

- Putting a business plan together for Leger Experiences. Thinking where I ultimately want to be, what impact I want to have on the world, and how best to get there strategically. Many women do not put structure around their businesses and I think it's critical for long term success. 

Where can people find you and keep up to date with all the amazing things you're working on?

- Facebook, Leger Experiences & Instagram @legerexperiences

As you can see, Sara is what I like to call a powerhouse woman. She is unstoppable and I am so honored to call her a friend. If you have a chance to go to one of Sara's experiences, you will not regret it. This one coming up at The Botanique looks particularly delicious! Until next time.

Love, light, & lipstick,