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Women Worth Knowing- Shanna of The Rescue Designs

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Hello my friends! I am so excited to announce a new series on my website called "Women Worth Knowing" where I will be featuring women who are total badasses at what they do. This month's feature is Shanna of The Rescue Designs.

Shanna is a woman on a mission to help save lives of ALL the animals and believes art with a cause is where it's at. If you are lucky enough to know Shanna, you know how much fun energy, laughter (seriously, your cheeks hurt after hanging out with her because of how hard you laugh), and overall good vibes she brings to everything she touches. I am so honored to feature her as my very first, Woman Worth Knowing.

- When was The Rescue Designs founded?

Founded in the summer of 2017, but opened our doors (online doors) 11/1/2017

What prompted you to create The Rescue Designs? 

The Rescue Designs was a passion project turned lifestyle! I’ve always been animal obsessed, and have long carried the goal of opening my own domesticated animal sanctuary, here in Northern Colorado. Last summer I found myself out of a day job, aimless and wondering what I wanted to do with myself and my time. As a lifelong creative, In times of change, I always find myself sinking into my art. It was a natural choice that sort of just, took over... who was I to not surrender?!

- What drives your passion for helping rescue animals?

Im a true empath. I feel big and wildly about everything. And animals just tend to welcome that energy. I was the kid who brought home little creatures and lost pets. I’m now the woman who wanders off to pet the dog at the party. It’s a lifestyle, haha.

- Tell us more about your artistic background and how you are so incredibly talented.

Cleo Ann. That’s my background! Haha, my grandmother, Cleo, was a hobby painter. She instilled creativity in me from a young age. Around age 3-4 she let me start playing with her pastels. A few years later I was digging through her paint, and brushes, and collecting my own supplies. As an only child spending most of my day with an older woman- she had to keep me busy! We’d spend hours practicing rendering and gestural sketches. I started art school as soon as I could- which involved me dropping out of High School. I’ve spent a lot of time studying art and design, but you learn the most on your own- much like anything, I’d imagine.

- You seem so transparent and authentic on your social media feeds. I feel like I know the voice of The Rescue Designs. How do you do that in a world that tends to be highlight reels?

Oh wow! What a compliment you’ve paid to me and this brand. in short- I’m a big personality.I don’t do anything quietly, so I think that ‘me-ness’ reads through a lot of times. I enjoy expressing myself and my passions, so a lot of work goes into the curation of The Rescue Designs, and how we come through to the public. This brand is a retailer, but even more so- a humanitarian cause. I feel it’s paramount we represent authentic living and real FUN to our customers.

- As a fellow dog mom, I have to ask- tell me all about your pets!

Oh lord! They are crazy! Even as I write this they are all over me. I have three rescues. (2 ) Nugget & Archibald, from the Larimer County Humane Society and (1 ) Charlene, was an adoption from a person who no longer wanted to be a pet owner/ surrendered her. They are small and wild but they are my literal heart! They spend most of their day waiting for treats, chasing balls and stealing dirty socks, aka, living their best life.

- What is the biggest thing that fills you creatively? 

That’s a hard one! I feel inspired by quiet mornings to myself. Summer, and it’s long days. I am filled by others and their time spent with me. I love Americana and beautiful shades of pink, tan and brown. Color, in general, gets me going! I can talk about it for hours. I think it’s so special, so taken for granted. 

- We know you are one busy lady who wears many hats, how do you balance it all?

With little grace! Haha. I do have a lot going on, but we all do! Imagine all the mamas and papas walking this same line?! Wow. How do THEY do it?

- What is the biggest project or campaign you have going on right now? 

Our summer campaign Project Bumble was live early May! A small capsule collection of goodies, designed and curated by myself, in honor of our beloved bumblebees! It has been really well received, and I’m excited to say we anticipate seasonal capsules in the future. It’s a fun way to offer something even more rare and exclusive. We have some other events this summer but I’m keeping them up my sleeve for now.

- Do you have a mantra or words you like to live by?

For a long time, I’d tell myself each morning to ‘Show Up, Shut Up & Get the work done’It’s been a great chant for years. I’m looking for other mentalities as I age. I whispered to myself that 2018 is a year for focusing on the moment. Less worry and more existing. That sort of thing. 

I hope you enjoyed this interview and please don't forget to support Shanna and her wonderful philanthropic mission. You can find her on her website,, and on Instagram & Facebook @therescuedesigns.

Love, light + lipstick,


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