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Solo Coaching
This is best for someone looking for individual accountability and wanting to DIG DEEP.
Areas I love to help you focus on: identifying your core values, setting and achieving exciting yet realistic goals that light your heart up, categorizing goals versus action items, finding better balance in work and life, setting clear boundaries, taking actual steps towards your big dreams, feeling stuck and you're not even sure where to begin, having a healthier relationship with yourself and those around you, letting go of perfectionism, guidelines on how to have a healthy relationship with social media, learning to accept your body and the relationship you have with it, asking yourself the tough questions that help you grow to be the best you, & loving and accepting yourself just the way you are. Does this sound like something you could benefit from? Great! I offer 3 types of solo coaching:
(3) 30 minute micro sessions- $100
Micro sessions are for someone looking to get a little jump start on what they are working towards. This is a great way to take a baby step into coaching without having to invest a ton of time or money. This is for something who maybe has a plan but isn't exactly sure what's next, someone who recognizes they need a change and believes with some guidance they can make that change, etc. If you are looking for more radical transformation, you may be more well suited for one of my other offerings.
(6) 1 hour sessions- $300
1 hour sessions are where it is at! We dig deep and identify what kinds of blocks you may have, pinpoint where you are now and where you're wanting to go, make meaningful goals that are tailored just for you and will make your heart light up working towards it, take actual steps to achieve these exciting goals, and so much more. In my experience with coaching this is where I have seen the most radical transformations with my clients. YOU are the driver in this and I'm riding shotgun.
(12) 1 hour sessions- $600
Similar to the coaching series above this is simply an extended version. 12 sessions usually takes place over a time period of six months meeting every other week. This is for someone who may feel stuck or unhappy in their current state of life and isn't quite sure where to begin. This person is also looking for highly individualized accountability and knows they have some serious work to do to change their life. We make some serious magic together and it's just the best. Looking back six months from now you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner. 
What's included with solo coaching?
- Uninterrupted time with me during our sessions (Skype or phone)
- Constant support via email & text (within reason, mama's gotta sleep!)
- Customized resources including guides made by yours truly, book & podcast recommendations, etc.
- Someone in your corner cheering you on, but also asking you the hard questions
- Individual accountability
Please note: coaching with me is NOT for someone who allows their limiting beliefs to dictate how they live their life, someone who lets fear win over dreaming big, who is fine with things just the way they are, & someone who is not okay with getting outside of her comfort zone. 
*Payment plans available for 6 & 12 session series*
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